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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 13, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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accident involving pressurized equipment. >> reporter: we're told all three workers suffered second degree burns and the most seriously injured sustained burns to the chest and upper body. >> there was no fire, no explosion. >> reporter: they issued a brief statement saying three employees were injured by hot metal and we're making sure they receive the best possible care. we don't know what part of the automobile the employees were working on. cal osha says they're sending investigators to the plant. they did investigate tesla last year after an accident involving a hydraulic power press and found three violations. they have 6 months to complete this latest investigation.
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reporting live in san jose for ktvu channel 2 news. >> today's industrial accident follows a string of tesla car fires. two model s sedans caught fire after hitting a metal object in the road. a third after a high-speed chase. the ceo says there are no plans for a recall. he insists the model s is one of the safest cars on the road. they tumble 3% and bounced back to $138.70, a gain of .7% for the day. new at 5, a train full of people and without a driver. the train took off from a platform without the driver on board. it was up to passengers to bring that train to a stop. we obtained video of what happened this morning along with a possible explanation. >> reporter: the operator of that train will undergo drug
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and alcohol testing, suspended with pay pending an investigation after what happened at this station behind me. it began at about 10:20:00 a.m. this video we've obtained shows an outbound train line pulling into castro station. if you look closely, you can see the train operator wearing a vest step out to inspect a door that would not close. moments later, the door did close and the train took off without the operator. the automated train control system puts it in motion once doors shut unless an emergency brake is set. there were about 30 passengers on board. one of them pulled an emergency lever bringing the train to a stop inside the tunnel. >> i would say it was probably no more than a couple of hundred yards. you know, based on the information that we have, the passengers realized very quickly when they saw the train move with the operator still on
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the platform that there was no operator. >> reporter: passengers were alone on the train for about 14 minutes before a mechanic came to move it to the forrest hills station. transit officials say the train would have automatically stopped and opened its doors at the next station. we'll tell you about the common problem that led to this morning's unusual ride. reporting live in san francisco for ktvu channel 2 news. we've had six small earthquakes in the bay area since yesterday. while it's not enough to call a swarm, it is enough to get people's attention. things were sure shaking earlier today. >> reporter: three times in the last day. now seismologists are not officially calling this a swarm... yet. a 3.3 magnitude earthquake shook the ground. the third small quake since yesterday. >> it's kind of scary. we were talking about the 89 quake.
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it gets you thinking. you know, we're hoping this is the end of it. >> yes, it was just a boom, and then it was over. i was sitting on my bed, so i was cushioned. >> reporter: but she says earthquakes are fickle. >> i think it can be on one side of the road and you don't feel it. another person can feel it two houses down. >> no, i didn't feel it. the only way i knew it was my channel 2 app told me there was one. >> i didn't feel anything other than danville. >> reporter: fickle indeed. >> i was terrified. i kind of screamed really loud and thought it was the end. >> reporter: what'd you feel this morning? >> i didn't feel anything this morning, and i'm glad after the experience i had yesterday. >> reporter: since yesterday in the central bay area, we've had six quakes of more than 2 magnitude. today's san ramone 3.3 quake was proceeded by two in pacifica across the bay. two others in san ramone and one in oakland.
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>> you would think this is geyserville. >> reporter: there were just as many quakes in the small geyser area of sonoma county. experts say it's not unusual. >> it's not surprising we're having these small earthquakes in this area. there are places where we have fairly frequent small earthquakes, the san ramone valley area is one of those. >> i think it's a good thing because i think it's letting pressure off and it will save us from having a bigger one. >> reporter: or it might be evidence of a pressure build up. several employees were injured in a crash in sonoma county on lakeville highway just south of old lake road number 2. the driver of a ford f-150 was going southbound when he drifted into the northbound lane and crashed another truck
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carrying the 10 workers. the driver of the f-150 suffered major injuries. five of the workers were taken to hospitals with various injuries. putting a freeze on tuition. the goal in the long run is to come up with a new plan to keep more money in the pockets of students. >> i wish they could all be california girls. >> reporter: students singing a classic on the classic uc berkley campus. others are singing the tuition blues. >> that's not including books, food, housing. >> it's not completely
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reasonable to some degree. >> reporter: affordability and accessibility, two words driven home by napalatano. >> it's the right thing to do given what's happened over the last years. >> reporter: undergrad tuition has jumped about 145% the last decade. the last boost was the 2011-12 pack dome year putting the tuition at $12,192 where it stands now. she said freezing undergrad tuition for one year gives her more time to create a new tuition policy. one idea, she says, cohort tuition. >> basically when you enter a university as a freshman, your tuition doesn't dramatically increase over the course of four years. >> for me it's good right now. if they raise it, that might be kind of hard. >> reporter: while most students welcome a freeze, a couple others say they're okay with the bump in tuition if it were to happen again. >> without a doubt, it's worth it to pay the extra money to come here. it's going to benefit you in the long run. >> reporter: she would not say if her proposed freeze is contingent on more funding from sacramento. she did emphasize the state of
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california must do its part. more details now. we compared uc tuition rates with state university systems in other states. penn state had one of the highest rates at $15,984. oklahoma state university rates were much lower, though, at just $2559 for its campus in oklahoma city. according to the u.s. education department, the national average for tuition per year at four-year public colleges is $7,135. an accident at camp pendleton has killed four marines. base officials say it happened about 11:00 a.m. during a range maintenance operation. no specific details were given. there are reports that the marines were clearing an art tillry till rare range. the names are being withheld until family members are
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notified. from the air here, you can see total destruction. on the ground, people are desperate for the basics of survival. the devastation mounts in the storm-ravaged country. desperation for food, water, and medical attention had led to looting. soldiers fire warning shots in the air to disperse looters. typhoon victims say the civilians are even arming themselves. >> now we're going back to our house because we have nowhere else to go. there are civilians back there who have guns. yes, i saw it with my own eyes. civilians firing guns. >> reporter: at least 8 people died when a mob overran a rice warehouse and a wall collapsed on the crowd. a plea for help from this woman who says if it's possible, please send food. we don't have anything to eat.
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others grieving over loved ones lost in the typhoon. this father weeps while saying we got separated, i couldn't even hold on to my child. he says his daughter's body has been lying on the street corner for days, and he's not alone. bodies line the roads in many areas. mass graves are being dug. they're making two -- one for identified bodies, the other for the unidentified. for the living, hope is arriving in the form of foreign aid. >> let's get the food in, let's get the water in. we have a lot more coming in today, but even that will not be enough. >> reporter: the lucky few are finding their families in the midst of all the devastation. >> when i first saw them late this afternoon, it was just so -- i was just so happy that we just all broke down in tears. >> reporter: the official death
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toll from friday's typhoon is currently 2344 people. the president of the philippines says earlier estimates of 10,000 dead were far too high. the government lists 3800 people as injured. 188,000 homes have been destroyed. nearly 93,000 others have been damaged. san francisco city leaders launched a task force to coordinate urgent disaster relief to the philippines. they announced the task force at a community center on mission street. the task force the made up of local leaders, community organizations, business, and faith groups. the san francisco launch is part of a nationwide effort led by the national alliance for philippine concerns. >> now that grief from the typhoon is reaching the bay area. a south bay man says he lost 11 family members in that deadly
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storm. cal-trans bought land to build a freeway. when the project died, so did the properties. the plan to breathe new life into the abandoned land. the enrollment numbers for the affordable health care program is out as the finger pointing got heated on capital hill. i'll talk about the coastal fog that showed up. it's going to get chilly tonight, again. i'll show you the areas that could see some frost back here after the break.
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now to our continuing coverage of the roll out of the affordable care act. the government released its first enrollment numbers under the law known as obama care. congress has been holding hearings on the bungled roll out of the plan's website. 108,000 people have signed up
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so far. only 27,000 were able to do it through the site. we have the testimony by the technical experts who are overseeing the website. >> reporter: a major announcement. official health insurance enrollment numbers under the affordable care act. the magic number? 106,185 people successfully enrolled in the plan. on the hill, a house committee grilled the administration's top it officials trying to find out who knew about the website debacle and why they didn't delay the october 1st launch to delay the disaster. >> this was an f. or on a pass fail, this is a fail. >> these are millions of dollars going to a failed product. i don't think they're happy. >> reporter: lawmakers point to chief technologiy officer
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asking if the site will be ready by the end of november. >> many people are able to get through now than at the beginning. that being said, it's not perfect yet. >> reporter: another key issue for those on both sides oh you have the aisle -- information security. will the website be secure enough to protect sensitive personal medical information for anyone who logs on? >> i would love to shop anonymously. >> reporter: pushing for bills to allow millions of americans to keep their current health plans since some do not meet the requirements of the new law. >> covered california, our state's version of the affordable care act also not going quite as planned. ahead at 6:00, the reason state officials say these initial numbers are not as big of a disappointment as they may seem. >> the board of doctors medical center has declared a fiscal emergency. the hospital has been losing
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$1.5 million every month for the past two year. without cost reductions and partnerships with other health care organizations, they could run out of money and have to close by next may. the car in which a 21-year- old man died will become a traveling display to help fight drunk driver. the organization, mothers against drunk driving or madd unveiled the display with the bay bridge in the background. he was killed on the bridge when a drunk driver hit his car five years ago. his parents say they hope this display will make people stop and think before getting beelined the wheel drunk. >> it is our hope that with each mile, he'll be able to continue to make a difference in the world. >> studies show that displays such as this one can get people to change their behavior. top climate scientists are
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pushing for a california moratorium on the oil extraction process known as fracking. 20 of the top climate scientists wrote a letter to the governor saying fracking will increase pollution and hinder california's effort to be a leader when it comes to greenhouse gas reduction. in september, governor brown signed a bill for fracking regulations and launched a study into the risks of fracking, but he did not call for a moratorium while the study is being done. we had fog at the coast. it was nice, warm, and sunny inland. according to our chief meteorologist, it kind of feels more like summer. >> that's very summer like. 70s, low 80s inland. that temperature spread 20 degrees coast to inland. we have coastal fog out there right now. we showed you the images earlier with the sunset going down. the current temperatures outside, 54 in san francisco. that's because of the cool marine air pushing in. san francisco airport, 56. you get out here toward
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fairfield and you're at 70. it is kind of summer like. speaking of summer like, 55 at ocean beach in san francisco. then you're 80-degrees in walnut creek. that's not what you would expect for this time of year. beautiful sunset. you can see the fog if you look real close. tomorrow partly sunny, mostly sunny, kind of breezy in the evening hours. as you go into the weekend, temperatures start to cool down. time line tomorrow for san francisco, 7:00 a.m. you're 50 degrees. 61 at lunch. camera moved a little bit. beautiful shot out there tonight. as we look at the forecast and overnight lows, chilly. 41 in santa rosa. maybe a little frost out there. you have the coastal fog. tomorrow's going to be a lot like today, not much difference
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in terms of temperature. today we had upper 70s out there in the inland bay valleys. 75 in morgan hill. still above average temperatures for this time of year and not very november-like weather at all. not at all. as we go into the weekend, temperatures are going to come down as the weather system, wish it would bring us rain, kind of glides down the central valley. brings rain, maybe snow to the west slope of the sierra nevada. on our side, we should be dry. the main impact will be cooler weather. as you go into the weekend, a dry forecast, breezy. some of the models have a chance for sprinkles. more clouds for sunday. it's not going to get cold, it's just going to get cooler. temperatures into the 60s, mid- 60s, which is much more of what you would expect for middle to
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getting into the late november time now. >> you were saying no rain as far as you can see right now. >> no rain. yeah, nothing's sticking out. it would be nice, right? >> yeah, it sure would. >> thanks. new rules to prevent pilots from falling asleep at the controls and it has a very big loophole. >> i know from personal experience how insidious fatigue is. >> why he says the rules don't protect all pilots. fewer than 1% of california's uninsured are now enrolled under the affordable care act. we're working to uncover the factors that are keeping so many people from signing up. and the major malfunction that led to what happened and why it's surprisingly common. i love watching tv outside.
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pilots and lawmakers are pushing for the expansion of new rules designed to give commercial pilots enough rest between flights. it's an issue that brought senator barbara boxer and danville pilot together today in the nation's capital. >> it's ridiculous on its face. >> reporter: senator barbara boxer and a bi-partisan group of lawmakers are worried about pilot fatigue. it will limit passenger pilots to 8-9 hours flying time today.
5:25 pm
cargo pilots aren't included. >> i know from personal experience how insidious fatigue is. >> reporter: he was at the controls during the miracle on the hudson and he says the rules should be standard for all pilots. >> when you're asleep in your bed at night and there are airplanes flying over your house in the morning, it doesn't matter if they're carrying passengers or packages. >> reporter: the shipping industry opposes the changes. the group airlines for america said cargo carrier operations are significantly different from passenger operations and safety standards reflect those differences. >> this is a dual type of standard. it's just not right for anybody. >> reporter: the new hours for passenger pilots go into effect in january, a bill proposed by boxer and other members of congress would, if passed, make those rules the same for all pilots.
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reporting in washington for ktvu channel 2 news. macy's today reported profits that exceeded forecasts and analysts outlook for holiday sales. and they were up 31% compared to a year earlier. that helped push the dow to record levels. the average added 70 points. the nasdaq was up 45 and the s and p 500 rose 14. concerns for residents of one bay area island. >> a new radiation risk for treasure island. we'll show you what state health officials found that had them concerned. warning family members. we talked with a man in the south bay who says he lost 11 members of his family following that deadly typhoon in the philippines. rolling out the red carpet. why they were put on board a special flight all the way
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radiation levels detected in this bay area neighborhood are raising concerns tonight. it's a story we've been
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following since the morning. new since then, ktvu found these workers out there actively looking for hot spots. residents of treasure island could potentially be at risk of radiation exposure according to scientists with the california department of health. we are live at treasure island to tell you how the city and residents there are reacting to this news. >> reporter: low-level radiation concerns on this former navy base are nothing new. there's been a cleanup under way for some time. this weathered old radiation sign marks an area that's fenced off and close today the public. this new memo points to five survey locations that are not behind some gate, they're over in residential areas where people live with one object found that's hot enough to cause burns. this is a california department of health survey team. we found them today using radiation detectors in common areas around treasure island apartments. it might seem an unusual sight. but this resident says he's
5:31 pm
used to it. >> i know. they've come to my backyard before. >> reporter: they were following up on previous hits from other surveys. >> they've kept us informed and told us what they were looking for: >> reporter: an internal memo dated, they found this buried in a common grassy area. it showed that a one-hour skin contact with the fragment could cause radiation burns, hair loss, and possible ulceration. treasure island director says the information is not entirely new. >> that information had been shared with treasure island development authority as well as with residents of the island back in march and april of this past year. >> reporter: while some residents are unconcerned, others say the news makes them feel just the opposite. >> it concerns me very much as a parent because my baby's always sick. >> reporter: but beck says ti
5:32 pm
is safe despite the finding of unknown locations with higher than normal radiation levels. >> not areas that would cause us or the health department to reevaluate that there's a risk to public health. >> reporter: it's unclear what that object was or what was the source of these radiation spots. they were found in unexpected areas. the more radiation surveys has been under way since september. >> more details about the history of treasure island. in 1939 it was the site of the golden gate international expo solution. in 1942, it became a navy military base. it was decommissioned and the land was returned to san francisco in the 19 90s. we are learning about the latest incident in san jose, it appears to be the result of a
5:33 pm
domestic dispute. the latest homicide in that city, officers found a man unresponsive next to a fence. he died a short time later. family members identified the victim as 52-year-old joe torez. he was a handy man and was separated from his wife. he had apparently been there drinking with his stepson when the two got into a fight. a hit and run driver surrenders today following a crash last night that caused a power outage at the casino. the car crashed into a utility pole and sparked a small fire near roberts lake road just before 11:00 p.m. last night. the driver then took off. the accident knocked out power to more than 3000 customers at the area. at the casino, people at tables were able to cash out, but witnesses say most of the slot machines went blank. >> i'm really upset. they're telling us to get out without taking anything.
5:34 pm
oh, we'll just call you and you'll get your money back, i promise. >> customers say it was all very confusing. as you heard, they are promising to reimburse all customers that had money in the machines when the power went out. the driver is roberto vergara, jr. of santa rosa. now to our continuing coverage of the typhoon in the philippines. in a sign of hope, the president of the philippines believes the toll will not rise much further. still some 600,000 people are displaced. as many as 11 million people have been affected in some way. tonight, we have learned of one family in the south bay that received word today 11 of their relatives missing since the typhoon hit have been found dead. we are live in san jose where that family is grieving together and channeling their emotions. >> reporter: as you can imagine, this loss is unimaginable. right now the only way they say
5:35 pm
they've been able to deal with it is to keep monitoring this situation, which is what they're doing now. and to focus on providing relief to people who survived the typhoon only to suffer its aftermath. we sat down with him about an hour ago and he showed us pictures of his extended family whose bodies were discovered and identified. a niece, nephew, grand kids, and inlaws. they were in the hard-hit area of takliban city. the focus is on getting the surviving family members out of the cities where dead bodies are lining the streets and looters are roaming for food. >> my niece and nephew are trying to get out of the city to family members. she lost one daughter, two sons, six grand kids, and two
5:36 pm
in-laws. >> reporter: today the family set up a fund account to raise money for the relief effort. they want to leave for the philippines as soon as they can and bring with them food and soap because they're not sure what money will be able to buy in that country. >> we'll return to the south bay at 6:15 when a vigil is set to start to remember all those lost in the deadly typhoon. samsung and apple were back in a courtroom today arguing over the amount of money that samsung owes apples. they're invol avenued in a retrial. samsung was ordered to pay apple a billion dollars for patent infridgement. the judge ruled that $400 million was miscalculated. apple now says samsung owes $380 million of that portion. samsung says the figure is more
5:37 pm
than $52 million. taxpayer money wasted on buying homes that are now vacant. 2 investigates the homes bought for a freeway project that never happened. while surfers wait for the maverick sur. contest, we'll give you a close up look of how search and rescue efforts are under way.
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you could call it something of a food fight. the managing editor fired back today at a new york times report that suggested the chronicle is doing away with its stand alone food section. in a column on the website, cooper called the times report inaccurate. the times had reported that the chronicle was considering dropping the food section and replacing with a broader lifestyle section. if anything, they plan to expand their food and wine coverage. she admits there may be changes in how it appears in print and on web. the company that recalled yoga pants has put those same pants back on store shelves. they're calling them second chance pants. a patched up version of the pants are in stores now. they have a panel of fabric across the back to, quote, give you the coverage you need in
5:41 pm
down dog. it does have an added strip of see through mesh up the leg. they're selling for $92. that's $6 less than the original. 9 chihuhua pups arrived and received the red carpet treatment. they were escorted by virgin america flight attendants on to the plane in hopes of finding a forever home in time for the holidays. >> there's a huge demand for small dogs on the east coast. we have an over abundance on the west coast i.'s a nice relationship we've been able to have thanks to virgin america. >> this is the fifth trip organized by animal care and control and virgin america. homes bought up to pave the way for a freeway project. we investigate wasted tax dollars and family homes that now stand vacant.
5:42 pm
a close call for a firefighter caught on camera. the video will make you gasp. how fellow firefighters jumped into action to rescue him. back here right after the break, i'm looking at fog along the coast. that's going to change. as we move toward the weekend, temperatures are going to begin to fall. i'll let you know how cool as we move toward saturday and sunday. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance.
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drive around the bay area and in some spots you'll see homes boarded up and abandoned.
5:45 pm
there's a cluster in particular that got our attention. your money was used to buy hundreds of these vacant homes. 2 investigates the trail of wasted taxpayer dollars. >> $275,000. >> $350,000 going once, going twice, sold to bidder 77. >> reporter: one by one, a handful of homes found new owners at this auction held inside this vacant house. >> we bought one property over here and they are marketing a lot of these ones. >> reporter: with each house sold, cal-trans starts to unload one of the excessive land holdings ever. some rented but others abandoned and boarded up. >> we were wondering when they were going to let them go. >> reporter: it is a story that stretches decades and has literally changed the landscape of hayward. >> this shows all of the
5:46 pm
freeway. >> reporter: what was the price tag on the entire? >> it got up to $500 million. >> reporter: lewis was in his 20s and just became a professor at what was cal state hayward when he began his fight against the foothill freeway project. >> 1978 me and my friends organized the planning association. >> reporter: what he didn't know was that his fight would last a lifetime. you can tell by looking in his shed, shelves ceiling to floor and wall to wall with boxes. all documents from the community and court battle over a freeway that would never be. a battle that would eventually kill the project. now, search for the freeway and you will find hundreds of homes purchased for a project that no longer exist. and the question remains, how much did all of this end up
5:47 pm
costing taxpayers? 2 investigates filed a public records request to get more information on cost, maintenance, and problem properties. despite our request months ago, cal trans says it needs more time to compile the information. what we do know is that while homes started selling last year, there are hundreds left, and many have become problem properties. >> boarding up of homes accelerated starting about a year or two ago because cal trans was not running them out and started boarding them up instead of renting them out. >> reporter: that has led to squatters and crime. >> it doesn't look like he has a relation to anything in this immediate area and all these properties are vacant. >> reporter: for him, getting them out of the landlord business can't happen soon enough. >> that's the key -- sell, sell, sell. >> reporter: but it will likely take years of more auctions and
5:48 pm
interested buyers. in hayward for ktvu channel 2 news. >> the bay area saw a big jump in home sales last month, the but the numbers are still under monthly averages. 7,595 homes were sold in the nine-county region. that's a 6.4 increase from september, but that's more than 15% below a monthly average for the bay area. there were fewer sales of distressed homes indicating the market is beginning to return to normal. pg ande is reminding people about its upgrade project. you might see their linemen dangling from helicopters. all part of a project to replace the lines and upgrade service to people on the peninsula. these pictures are from when the project started two weeks ago. a very close call for a firefighter in arizona who was battling a house fire yesterday and it was all caught on video. you can see the firefighter standing on the second story
5:49 pm
balcony. he then falls down and the charred railing behind him gives way. he was dangling from the deck by just his legs when his colleagues came to his rescue and got him down safely. incredibly, no one was hurt here. but two families did lose their homes in that fire. >> he's back at work as of today. what can we expect as we keep searching for the rain? >> there's a slight chance on the weekend, but right now the models are pulling it out. we're getting an inversion, a summertime kind of inversion. we're looking at the air compressing. it's pushing the fog down to the surface. here's how it looks in real life. the north tower of the golden gate bridge just over 700 feet. the inversion below that, just below that. it's very shallow. that's why the fog is pinched down against the coast.
5:50 pm
that'snot a pattern you typically see. tonight it will be mostly clear. there's fog along the coast right now. that fog will continue to push into the bay tonight. look for fog throughout the evening hours and again into tomorrow morning. for tomorrow we're looking at cool along the coast, obviously because of the fog. and temperatures back into the mid-70s in the warmest inland locations. and then we're talking about the winds. we've been mentioning a chance of fire danger as we go into friday night and tomorrow morning. winds will pick up thursday night into friday morning up to 30 miles an hour. should remain below wind advisory level, but we'll watch it. this low pressure will be the reason for the cool down over the bay area weekend. it's not going to be in the 70s and the low 80s. this low pressure drops in. maybe rain, maybe snow in the northern portion of lay tahoe. for us, i think we'll notice
5:51 pm
the stronger winds and the increased fire danger because of that low pressure center. the forecast highs for tomorrow, a lot of mid-70s. 75 in morgan hill. stop me if you've seen this before. you've seen this before. this has been all of october, all of november. we've had a little bit of weather but not much. your five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, you can see a pop in there. saturday a little cooler. maybe that low could bring a sprinkle or two. we'll let you know if something changes. >> gosh, it's like we're hanging on to every possible drop out there. >> it's getting weird. you want a real storm and you want it soon. >> thanks, bill. gearing up for a potentially dangerous mission. we get a first-hand look at what first responders are preparing for during the mavericks big-wave competition. and back to the news room for what we're working on for
5:52 pm
6:00. >> a train takes off without its operator. >> having to solve door problems is a daily occurrence. >> we're asking why this problem on the tracks continues to happen. plus a less than stellar start for california's new health exchange. why a majority of the state's uninsured have not signed up. these stories coming up at 6:00.
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sheriff's deputies are excavating a site near victorville after discovering human remains. they found the buried skeletons after at least two people and are looking at the possibility of a third grave nearby. the bones have been there for some time. they've called in a forensic anthropologist. victorville is about 70 miles northeast of los angeles. sheriff's deputies arrested a southern california man early yesterday morning on child endangerment charges. they say don voe left his 5- year-old son in the car in the middle of the night while he went into the casino to gamble. security guards found him in the casino and held him for deputies. the boy was handed over to child protective services. thousands of workers are getting ready to walk off the job.
5:56 pm
members of the university's patient care and services workers union rallied in front of the uc regents meeting this morning. they're planning a one-day strike to propose alleged unfair labor practices. the union is at odds with the university over safety concerns. a city councilman is trying to get voters to overturn two recently passed laws including a controversial ban on smoking. he filed petitions for two ballot measures today. one would undo part of a strict anti-smoking ordinance. the other would block a ban on carry-out plastic bags. he needs to gather more than 4000 signatures in 180 days to get them on the ballot. eagerly awaiting to see when waves will be big enough to hold the maverick surf contest. today search and rescue agencies began getting ready as
5:57 pm
well. we got a close up look at how they're preparing. >> reporter: a man dropped from a helicopter into the choppy water today in order to be rescued. part of search and rescue drills conducted by bay area agencies preparing for the maverick invitational surf contest. >> from there, you have to know the channel. >> reporter: the harbor patrol helped the coast guard, air station san francisco, the sheriff's department, and others get familiar with what they call the operational zone, including the beach which is technically off limits to spectators after fans got her three years ago by a rogue wave. when conditions are right, meaning waves around 30 feet or more, organizers alert surfers who have about 24 hours to get here and rescue units will also have to be ready. >> if we have waves like we did in 2010, we're looking at a situation where rescues will be a lot tougher. >> reporter: rescuers also have
5:58 pm
to keep many factors in mind with an injured surfer. >> whether they're injured, whether they have a neck injury, whether they're conscious, whether they've sucked in water. >> reporter: they will ask the public to help out by not showing up to the competition, that way they can focus on the surfers. a train filled with passengers gets away from its operator. we're gathering video of the run away train and talking to investigators about how this could possibly happen. three tesla employees are in the hospital tonight after getting burned at the company's plant in freemont. the investigation going on by state investigators. and help is on the way to the victims of the typhoon. we're with members of the philippine community here in the bay area who are collecting
5:59 pm
donations. and in minutes, they'll be pausing to honor the live's lost. a scary ride this morning for passengers aboard a run away train. their quick actions stopped the train in its tracks. good evening. >> it started as a door malfunction, but david is here now to tell us how passengers were actually forced to end the emergency themselves. >> you have new information on who stopped the train. >> reporter: in just the last half hour, we've learned the man who pulled the emergency brake to stop the train is actually a contractor with the clipper card service. the director of transit says he can't remember an incident like this. the investigation will focus on what the operator did or didn't do and possible mechanical failures. a single car train left the
6:00 pm
castro station platform without its operator. >> had the emergency brake been applied, then the train would not have moved. >> reporter: this video shows an out bond train pulling in at about 10:20:00 a.m. transit officials say the operator exited to check a stuck door. when it closed, the operating system sent it down the rails. >> the passengers realized very quickly when they saw the train move with the operator still on the platform that there was no operator. >> reporter: a passenger pulled an emergency stop lever similar to this one. the train stopped a couple hundred yards into the tunnel. they sent a mechanic to help move the train into a nearby station. passengers were left alone about 14 minutes. transit officials say the train would have automatically stopped at the next station and opened its doors. >> i would say the passengers were not in danger. >> reporter: it will focus on the operator's actions and


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